Pureline® OC8200 Oxygen Concentrator with E-tank Back-Up


Supera Anesthesia Innovations is proud to bring the revolutionary Pureline OC8200 oxygen concentrator to veterinarians. While similar machines have been in use in Europe for years, Supera has perfected the technology, added safety features, and now is making this money-saving equipment available here. The built in E-tank manifold allows mobile use of the machine without power. It also protects your patient in case of a power failure. The OC8200 is FDA approved, UL tested, and backed by the industry’s best three year warranty.

How does Pureline’s oxygen concentrator work? 
The Pureline OC8200 draws in room air through a filter. A compressor sends the filtered air to a solenoid valve, which moves it into one cylinder of Pureline’s two-cylinder design. This two-cylinder design ensures a constant supply of oxygen; while one side is being used, the other side is being replenished. Under pressure inside the cylinder, the molecular sieve material attracts and holds the nitrogen from the room air (21% O2). The enriched oxygen (92-95% O2) is directed to the pressure regulator, a final filter, and finally out to the anesthesia machine. Remember, while one cylinder is in use, the other is refilling with enriched oxygen ensuring you a constant, reliable supply of oxygen.

If this is so good why haven’t we had it already? 
Veterinary anesthesia machines with oxygen concentrators have been in use in Europe for years, but have not been used in the United States due to the prohibitive cost of the concentrator. Recent developments have brought down the cost of oxygen concentrators and made them extremely cost effective. In addition to the lower cost, Supera Anesthesia Innovations has added safety features that European models don’t have, perfected the design for use with anesthesia machines, making it easier to use and utterly reliable, and is offering Pureline® to vets in the US for the first time.

Can I use it with more than one anesthesia machine?
Yes. The Pureline OC8200 supplies 8 liter per minute of oxygen that can be used for more than one anesthesia machine at a time. It comes complete and ready for use. Other than filling the oxygen backup tank (which we supply for free) there are no regulators to buy, store or replace.

What safety features does Pureline have?
Pureline concentrators are FDA approved for anesthesia use (USP93%) and UL tested. It is made of the highest-quality materials and is built in the USA to the highest ISO quality standards. The Pureline® machine itself features both audible and illuminated safety alerts and has an backup oxygen supply (standard E tank).

What sort of savings can I expect?
With the Pureline OC8200, you get oxygen for free, on demand. Your actual cost savings can be calculated using our ROI tool at www.superavet.com/ROI

Where is it made? Why should I care?
Pureline concentrators and all Supera products are made in the USA in our Oregon manufacturing facility. Our plant and products are fully certified for quality and safety. Supera product design begins with safety, ergonomic and ease-of-use considerations. Our products are simple, technologically advanced and require very little maintenance. You can count on Supera’s simplicity to make your job easier and our made-in-the-USA quality to give you many years of reliable service. All Supera anesthesia machines are backed by our 10-Year Warranty. All Pureline concentrators have a 3-year warranty. Should you ever need service or technical advice, Supera technicians are easily accessible and ready to help.

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The Story of Supera Supera Anesthesia Innovations, formerly LEI Medical, is a Oregon based company that produces medical equipment for the veterinary field. Since 1993, the company has consistently improved the safety and quality of veterinary medical equipment and has recently expanded its manufacturing capabilities with a new leading-edge facility. State of the Art, 100% Made in the USA Having our own facility allows us to innovate and test new products. We are always improving, developing new ways to make our equipment more user-friendly and safer for both vets and pets. Supera is dedicated to innovation. To be the veterinary anesthesia leader, we use the best high speed computer controlled machining centers available. Even our CNC machines that make our products are American made! Our new facility includes a clean room for final product assembly and testing, dedicated space for precision manufacturing, quality control, electrical and mechanical assembly lines, inventory management, shipping, customer service and sales. Having complete control of the manufacturing process enables us to maintain the highest level of quality in the industry. Six Sigma Sustaining a Culture of Continuous Improvement at Supera Quality products are a baseline requirement for suppliers in the industry. The Supera reputation for dependability is a strong trait that drives our ongoing improvement efforts. And it’s why we have adapted Six Sigma as a methodology, a mindset, and a way of doing business. In applying Six Sigma, we are addressing customer expectations for quality, on-time delivery, and cost. Complement the statistical methodology of Six Sigma, Supera follows the principles of Lean and Kaizen, which yield efficient processes through the elimination of waste and improved utilization of resources. These efficiency improvements combine to continually reduce lead times, turnaround times, and work-in-process, while improving on-time delivery, responsiveness, and cost in all aspects of our business. From LEI Medical to Supera The new products that we have already developed as well as new technologies in development, are so advanced, yet so simple to operate, that we believe they will revolutionize the way veterinarians anesthetize their patients. This level of change called for a new beginning—and a new name. As Supera Anesthesia Innovations, we will bring you superior anesthesia solutions. Our new name is a demonstration of our commitment to bringing you the very best in technology, the very best in American made equipment and all backed by the very best in customer service. Questions? Contact our CEO, Brian Lawson.

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