Rapid spot test for detecting ketone bodies in urine or cow’s milk.

Sodium introprusside, ammonium sulfate, anhydrous sodium carbonate.



Sodium nitroprusside contained in the test reacts with ketone bodies present in milk or urine, producing pink to violet colour (depending on ketone bodies content).


Method of use

Testoket is a ready-to-use, disposable test to be used in field conditions. Insert 3-4 ml of tested liquid (urine, milk) into a test tube with the reagent, seal with a stopper and shake.

Evaluate change in colour within 2 minutes.


Urine testing:

- in healthy cows, reagent and urine colours remain unchanged,
- in cows with subclinical ketosis, reagent and urine change their colour into pink,
- in cows with clinical ketosis, reagent and urine change their colour into violet.

Milk testing:

- in healthy cows and in cows with subclinical ketosis, reagent and milk colours remain unchanged,

- appearance of pink to violet colour confirms clinical ketosis.


Content per packaging
10 x 1g


Storage conditions
Store at a temperature below 25°C. Protect from light.



18 months



Do not freeze.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

User precautions

Toxic effect after consumption and inhaling. Avoid skin and eye contamination. Do the test wearing protective gloves. In case of skin or eye contact, immediately flush the affected site with profuse amount of water.

In case of accidental consumption, provide large amounts of water to drink, induce vomiting.

Immediately seek doctor’s advice and present the doctor with packaging.

Neutralize the unused test material or any residues thereof, in accordance with binding safety regulations.

For veterinary use

For individual use by animal owners
Exclusively for animals

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