Vitaminum B1


Injectable solution for cattle, sheephorses, chickens, turkeys and dogs


Thiamine hydrochloride - 25 mg/ml

Vitamin B1 has the essential value for carbohydrate metabolism in animalís organism. It is a component of cocarboxylase coenzyme. It increases activity of acetylcholine, increase the secretion of gonadotropins. Thiamine deficiency status leads to impairment secretory acting of digestive glands, neuritis of peripheral nerves with paralysis, neuralgia and dysaesthesia. Deficiencies may cause a heart failure, hepatic failure, and skeletal muscle insufficiency.

- hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis of B1.
- avitaminosis B1 in carnivores feeding with diet enriched in fish meat.
- administration in animals with artificial feeding by glucose infusions and in increased metabolism status (fever, pregnancy, lactation).

- Neonatal weakness of calves, foals, piglets and lambs. 
- Dogs - inflammation and paralysis of the peripheral nerves, degenerative arthritis, nervous distemper, muscle weakness and digestive disturbances that leads to deficiency of vitamin from B group. 
- Chickens, turkeys - ataxia, spasms, paralysis, muscular atrophy, polyneuritis.

Not known.

Undesirable effects
Not found.

Drug interactions
Amprolium administration (especially in turkeys) may cause thiamine - deficiency.
Also sulphite in drinking water may cause thiamine destruction.

Dosage and administration
Preparation should be administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly.
Cattle, sheephorses - 0.5 ml/10kg BM
- Chickens, turkeys and dogs - 0.1 ml/ 1kg BM

Withdrawal period
Not obligatory.

Storage conditions
Preparation should be stored in dark place at temperature below +25°C. 
Protect from light!

Phials of 50 ml.

18 months.

Because of the risk of anaphylactic reaction (shock) the intravenous route should not be used!

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