Catfish Pellets


New Era's Catfish Pellets are designed for all bottom feeding species of catfish such as Synodontis and Corydoras. The soft pellets are ideal for the delicate mouthparts and barbels of catfish and are extremely attractive to species which rely on olfactory senses in locating food. The algae rich formulation means that this is an extremely versatile diet to encompass one of the largest families of fish.

Suitable for all Catfish including:

Corydoras, Synodontis, Bagrid, Dora, Botia, Dianema, Pimelodus, Brochis.

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Many years of experience in ornamental aquaculture has enabled New Era to develop a unique range of fish foods and dietary regimes which is revolutionising the aquarium marketplace.

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 3B Coulman Street Ind Est, Thorne, DN8 5JS,United Kingdom, Europe
 4 years, 7 months ago

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 New Era Aquaculture Ltd
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